Tryout week


Try stay: Future student? - Test out Mallorca Toppfotball!
Price: 4 500 NOK per person (hotel and sports program)
Age: Girls born in 2000, 2001 or 2002
When: February, the week it's winter holiday in your district!
Enrollment deadline: 1st of December each year
Registration: By paying 4 500 NOK by 1st of December
Reservations: Minimum 4 entries

Mallorca Top football provides free transfer to and from the airport / hotel at Mallorca. Return trip Mallorca and food during your stay are not included.

Tryout week - For whom?

The offer is for those who have already applied to one of our football schools, via our online application form at You must also have answered all our questions by mail in connection with your application, and be good at keeping the dialogue with Mallorca Toppfotball for a long time. If you are under 18, your parents must contact us.
The tryout week is for you who really consider becoming a future student at Mallorca Toppfotball, but at the moment it is too young and goes to high school.

Tryout week - Why?

By visiting us during the winter holidays you will have a very good insight into the football school's everyday life, and find out if Mallorca Toppfotball is for you! The goal is that it will be easier for you to decide if you want to become a future student with us or not. At the same time, you will have a great time and lots of nice experiences in Mallorca!
It is a great opportunity to get to know our coaches, leaders and our Spanish / Norwegian football girls.
We warmly welcome all parents to join the daughter at Mallorca to look at the conditions. Certainly combine it with a vacation. It is a great opportunity to meet us in Mallorca Toppfotball.

Tryout week - What opportunities does it give me?

If both you and Mallorca Toppfotball are happy with each other, you can get an offer for a school space towards the end of the tryout week.
Mallorca Toppfotball has started with registration / waiting lists for the school year 2019/2020 and 2020/2021. We have done that because we are still receiving applications and inquiries from eager football girls who still have 1-2 years left in high school.
The tryout week gives you the opportunity to secure your school space for the future so that you can save money for the school fee. Starting the planning a year or two in advance will make things so much easier for you. Not only economically, but in terms of planning for future schooling and football career. Together with your parents, you can plan your stay at Mallorca Toppfotball.
It will give you the motivation to work out and do well at school, because you have a big goal and a wonderful experience in front of you! When you know you're going to Mallorca Toppfotball, it's easier to have an evening job, to fund your school fee.

Tryout week - How is the arrangement for me?

You will of course be a full member of the Mallorca Toppfotball family, and a part of our sporting schedule throughout the week. In short, you'll get to know absolutely everything Mallorca Toppfotball does this week.

Does this sound exciting?

Do you want to try out Mallorca Toppfotball?
Read about us at to see if this football school is for you. Then send us an application through the online application form and answer the questions we send to you.

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