4 months school


Duration: 7th of January 2020 to 21st of April 2020

  • Departure: 7th of January 2020
  • Return: 21st of April 2020
  • Number of places: 6
  • Price: 4,000 Euro


The perfect recharge for a new season!

The offer is designed for players who want to spend the entire pre-season and winter period in Spain, while being back to the season start in Norway. Better prepared for a new football season, start-up in new club or tryouts in the new year can not be found.

4 month students have the match area via the B team to F.C. Mallorca Toppfotball Femenina, who plays at the lower level (level 4). At this academy, the actual training environment and pre-season are the main focus, and the matches are seen as an 11v11 workout with a focus on development and training. There is little consideration given to match / match in terms of training amount, load and intensity. The season that is waiting in Norway will be the most important. At the 4 month academy you play with the youngest and the second best Spanish girls.

Emphasis is placed on individual skills development and physical capacity building, where the follow-up of the individual player is central. During our 4 month football school, you can really top the form towards the series in Norway.

The goal of the football school is to develop young and promising football girls, and to raise awareness of what is required to become a top player. We want to give the impulses and motivation to a further commitment to a future football career.

Price per student: 4,000 Euro


  • Residence in Spain for the whole period:
    • Including electricity, tv, bed linen, towels and cleaning (not wifi)
  • Football education and vocational practice in being a full time player abroad:
    • Exercises, teaching and follow-up
    • Coaches and managers etc. (not physiotherapist)
    • Transportation
  • Amenities:
    • Exercise facilities, joint sports equipment and medical equipment (not sports tape)
    • Exercise clothes like socks, shorts, trousers, t-shirts and jacket



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