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Beautiful and sunny Mallorca is a great place for exercise, and the mild climate of the island gives us perfect training and varied training opportunities. The Spanish island of the island is an ideal place for top-level sports and football in the winter months.

As we offer top facilities, everything is adapted for an optimal training week, with development and results for the individual. Also, our training and matches are not canceled due to the amount of snow or the cold.

Our academies in Mallorca can prove to have organized training camps for both Norwegian, Swedish and German top clubs. Several of the world's best bicycle teams and cross-country teams use Mallorca as a destination for coaches. This definitely contributes to a quality stamp on the training conditions this Mediterranean island has to offer.




  • New fantastic artificial grass field in january 2016
  • Top modern sportscenter
  • 2 artificial grass fields and indoor hall






  • 10 kilometers long and one of Spains best beaches
  • Footballvolley, beach fotball and technical football training
  • Speed, strenght and suppleness





  • Physical massage and mental charging
  • Restitution
  • Relaxation and fun





  • 2 indoor football fields
  • Internal football tournaments
  • High intensity and technical football training




  • New and top modern
  • Inndoor swimming pool
  • Gym and group trainings





  • Fitness and physical tests
  • Strengt, suppleness and speed
  • Mental training






  • Speed, suppleness and speed
  • Fitness and physical tests
  • Mental training





  • Idyllic setting by the beach and the Mediterranean Sea
  • Easy jogging and running technique
  • Soft ground





  • Swimming and exercise
  • Restitution and massage
  • Rest and recharging





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