Academy scholarship

Participating in the Mallorca Toppfotball season 2018/2019 is at the same time competing for future football scholarships. In recent years, Mallorca Toppfotball has awarded scholarships to some students, which has given the opportunity for another year's commitment to Mallorca.

Football scholarship with us assumes that you have been a student at Mallorca Toppfotball in 2018/2019. The player must excel through very good performance in trainings and matches over time, show excellent training attitude and appear with great personal qualities.

It is Mallorca Toppfotball that assesses who will be offered a scholarship, number of scholarships and scholarship size. We want to look at the opportunity to reward some ambitious players, giving them a unique opportunity for further efforts.

In practice, it means that by attending Mallorca Toppfotball in 2018/2019, you can receive up to 100% football scholarship for further focus on Mallorca Toppfotball in 2019/2020! One can be awarded 100%, 75% or 50% scholarship.

This way you can get the opportunity to bet full-time football in Spain over several years and build your own career through Mallorca Toppfotball. Mallorca Toppfotball has players who have built their career in Spain and are in their third year in Spanish football.

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