1. Develop top players

"We want to develop each student, and give the individual more football experience on the road to becoming a future top player."

This means developing young and promising football players and making them aware of what is required to become a top player. We want to give the student impulses and motivation for a further commitment to a future football career.

2. Develop people

"We want to develop each individual and give the individual student more life experience on the road to becoming a more adult and independent individual."

This means seeing the person behind the talent, and trying to guide the students in small and big challenges that will eventually meet them in everyday life. We want to give students an understanding of the relationship between developing as a human being and developing as a football player.

3. Create experiences

"We want to give every single one a memory of life, and the opportunity to attach strong friendships, which may last forever and ever."

By that means being able to look back on the stay as contentious and unique, and as one of the best that has happened so far in life. We want the student to feel that it was worth the time, both on and off the football field.


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