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Mallorca Toppfotball offers coaches with ambitions 6 months coach development in Spain. The coach development is within women's football, and we give you the opportunity to exercise internship practice abroad.


From October 2018 to April 2019. Further agreement. Open application deadline!


Your coach development and coach practice will take place in an idyllic and beautiful setting in Alcudia, located on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Mallorca in Spain.

For whom:

The coaching development is for women from Norway / Sweden / Denmark, who wish to invest in a future career career. There are no special requirements for previous training experience, and everyone is welcome to apply. But we are looking for a relatively high level of playing background if you do not have a previous coach experience.

Our coach development is designed for coaches who want to work in top football in the future, and with athletes who aspire to be top players. The practice will be against Norwegian and Spanish girls between 14-23 years, who have high ambitions. So you should have aspirations to become a player developer / top-level developer or head coach at a high level in the long term.


You become part of our ambitious training team, consisting of both Spanish and Norwegian coaches and managers. Full professional life as a football coach in an environment where coaches and players engage in full-time football. Great development opportunities as a coach, where you can work with both Norwegian and Spanish football girls.


The goal is for you to develop your professional skills, accumulate valuable work experience from abroad, and develop your leadership skills and collaborative skills. This through participation and follow-up in the daily work at Mallorca Toppfotball.

Briefly, the coach development program:

Coaching is mostly done through practice in the field. There will be coaching in player development, team development, team development and media management. It will give you many new impetus for your further commitment to a future career career.

Individual development goals were set for each participant, focusing on career development and networking.

Module A) Player Development - Mallorca Toppfotball In Training

It entails insight and competence in our curricula and sporting philosophy, which in the course of the program is transformed into knowledge. We offer you a thorough training and follow-up in Mallorca Toppfotball's player development model.

Theory and practice in connection with training.

Module B) Team development - Mallorca Toppfotball in matches

The Football Academy collaborates with the Spanish football club F.C. Mallorca Toppfotball, which has the A team in Segunda División (level 2). Segunda División is at national level and is considered to be the top football in Spain. The A team consists of Norwegian students and good Spanish players.

The B team plays in regional series and is an almost Spanish team, consisting of young and local Spanish girls.

As part of your coach development, you will participate and exercise your practice through game meetings, preparations, exercises, matches and evaluations. Applicants with a UEFA license from before can get practice and responsibility for the team leadership through the B team.

Module C) Team Development - Mallorca Top Football in Team

The coach development is about learning how to work in a larger training team. Themes are competence, continuity, cooperation and development. Team understanding for each other, the players, the club and those around (the whole). Focus on energy levels inside the training team and that coaches must perform and achieve results.

The coach develops the preparation of action plans for the training team, seasonal planning and inclusion processes.

Other themes are the trainer's understanding of their own role and how to relate to the whole of a club such as finance, administration, marketing, sponsors, strategies, goals, plans / philosophy and history.

Module D) Media - Mallorca Toppfotball in the media

Mallorca Toppfotball TV and our media manager will give you practice and challenges through video interviews and video portals in connection with training, matches and other settings. Being able to handle media and be in the media's spotlight is becoming an increasingly important part of being a football coach. We provide you with regular media training.

Module E) Individual development - Mallorca Toppfotball and your development goals

We are conscious of setting up development goals for you as a coach and are keen to provide feedback on your performance on training, matches and other relevant relationships. It's important for us to make you aware of what you can improve, but it's also important to know what you're already good at. We want to help you find your dining skills as a football coach. Self-reflection and self-evaluation.

Module F) Career - Mallorca Toppfotball and your future plans

The module deals with contact networks, networking, applications and CV. We provide tips for profiling and marketing of yourself as a coach, as well as preparation of applications and CV.

This is a genius opportunity to invest in your own training skills, build CV and work up a larger contact network. There will be a unique chance for the right person, who can later prove to be a coach abroad.

This is a golden chance to think outside the box and to go new ways to develop yourself as a football coach.

Price per participant: 69,000 NOK

Includes residence for 6 months in Mallorca

  • 6 Months Coach developer program via Mallorca Toppfotball
  • Return trip Oslo - Palma De Mallorca
  • Transfer return airport in Palma and residence
  • Training cloths and facilities, etc.
  • The participant fee does not include food and insurance, or flights in connection with the holiday season.

Mallorca Topfotball handles all applications confidentially, and processes each application and candidate based on an individual assessment.

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