Time schedule

10.00 - 11.00: Academy training

These sessions take place on the Alcudia beach or in mountain terrain, parks with soft ground, stairs or along the seafront. The session will consist of alternative training such as fitness, long run, interval training, tests, etc. Here emphasis is also placed on speed, strength, jumping, technique and restitution. Football volleyball and "five-side" on the beach.

13.00 - 14.00: Academy training

These sessions will take place at the health club and in the form of circular exercises, with focus on strength upper body, core muscles and injury prevention training. With and without weights.

16.00 - 18.00: Spanish club training and academy training

These sessions will take place on the new, large and fine artificial gras field at the Alcùdia stadium. Emphasis is placed on individual skills development and follow-up of the individual player at B-team exercises (Monday and Wednesday). Emphasis is placed on a lot of games, where follow-up of relational and structural skills is central to the A-team training (Tuesday, Thursday and Friday).


School day / work day starts at 10:00 and is finished 18:00 from Monday to Friday. The exception is the first three weeks of your stay (August / September) because of the heat! Then we train early in the morning and late at night. Saturday is day off. Sunday is match day.

  • A-team matches are played Sunday at 12:00
  • The A-team must fly to most matches every other Sunday
  • The B-team plays Saturday or Sunday
  • Player meetings, theory, teaching, lectures and other meetings are not listed in the schedule.
  • Teambuilding and social events are also not listed in the schedule

We make every effort to hold school day within 10:00 to 18:00 so everyone is free in the afternoons and evenings. The match days for the A-team are shorter when we have home matches, while it takes all day when we play away matches.

There are some extra days off when needed, feel necessary and fit into our schedule.

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