About us

About us


Mallorca Toppfotball is a Norwegian football academy for women between 16 and 28 years old. Located in Alcùdia at Mallorca, Spain. It offers academies on 6 months, 4 months and 2 months.

The academy operates with a professional focus on women's football and is designed for ambitious football girls who want a professional everyday training and game environment in Spain. The selected players will have an unique opportunity to be a full-time footballer in Spain and to develop in a professional training and development environment, consisting of full time coaches and players. 

X Factor: We cooperate with the Spanish top club F.C. Mallorca Toppfotball Femenina. F.C. Mallorca Topfotball Femenina has the A-team in Segunda División (level 2 in Spain), offering girls international games and a whole season in the Spanish league system. F.C. Mallorca Toppfotball will play against F.C. Barcelona in the league.


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