Subject themes

Mallorca Toppfotball has a vision of "being the best in the everyday life", and in that it is competent for comprehensive follow-up and development of the individual. The help-professional everyday of the academy in Spain, it all sets up for good overall follow-up and development of our students.

We want to build and develop the individual player and the whole human being, and give the individual's references to the sporting and human requirements of becoming a top player. We give the student development and football experience on the road to becoming a top player.

Mallorca Toppfotball is for those who want to invest in development and competence, to realize their personal dreams and goals. The football academy gives the girls a vocational practice in what is required to become a top player. Overall, it is about requirements, knowledge and characteristics of top trainers, top players and top clubs. Competence on development, performance and results in training and combat.

Through targeted and systematic work over time, we want to achieve results for the individual player. Development of development plans, competence goals, player conversations and improvement tasks for each individual is central.

We add up to a professional player development program consisting of both theory and practice.  

  1. Individual skills

  2. Relational skills

  3. Structural skills

  4. Physical resources

  5. Mental resources

  6. Social resources

  7. Training Quality

  8. Game dimension

  9. Group dynamics

  10. Human development

  11. Entirety
  12. Media




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