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Mallorca Toppfotball is suitable for those who want to have football as occupation and profession in the future, and for those who want to invest in development and competence, to realize their personal dreams and goals.

For us, football is an occupation and profession with different career opportunities. Therefore we want to help players through our academies to a vocational education in being a full-time footballer. Our academies and development stays may be an admission charge for tryouts, secondments, football scholarships and professional contracts.

A football career at the top level is usually over somewhere between 33- 36 years. The football life is short and if one wants to become a professional footballer, you have to seize the opportunity before it is too late. Football concerns a limited part of your life, while education and jobs can engage with the rest of his life. By attending Mallorca Toppfotball the player do not give up future education or employment. But he/she put it on hold or takes it over several years, as a part of top athletes do.

One can build career and a long working life in football, also after the years of plating is finished. Today's football set requirements for professional competence, leadership and media handling. Football is professionalized in all areas and there are salaried positions at all levels and age groups, both sporting and administratively. It is become very popular among active players to start coaching education early in order to go into other positions after their playing career.

Mallorca Toppfotball is an investment in your own football future, and a year to grow on the road to becoming a more independent individual.

For us, football is an occupation and a profession, not a hobby. Our football commitment is driven thereafter and set us apart from the traditional elite sport courses in Norway. With us it is 100% focus on football with a goal of reaching the farthest possible as a footballer.

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