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News: Top Player Grant in Spain: Do you have experience from the Top league?

The Top Player scholarship is a contribution from an investor at Mallorca Topfotball, giving players with experience from the top league or national youth teams, the opportunity to attend Mallorca Toppfotball at half price.
Investor in Mallorca Toppfotball wishes to contribute to our major football team in Spain, and in cooperation with Mallorca Toppfotball Academy and F.C. Mallorca Toppfotball Femenina (Spanish club), created what we call for the Top Player scholarship.
Objective of the contribution:
The goal is to raise the performance of the A team in F.C. Mallorca Toppfotball in Segunda División in Spain, and contribute to the best possible results in the Spanish league. There may be three scholarships for three selected players. Players will be a student at the 6 month academy at Mallorca Toppfotball in Spain! This combined with playing for the Spanish club F.C. Mallorca Toppfotball Femenina, affiliated with the academy.
At the same time, three Norwegian girls from Norway can contribute to full-time football in Spain. They get the unique opportunity to develop to be top players at our academy and play a whole season in the Spanish league. This at a very favorable price!
According to the purpose of the grant, the investor has the following requirements for the distribution of grants:
1. Registered matches in the Top league, and / or registered national youth team matches for Norway (possibly similar leagues abroad).

2. Must be 18 years old.

The Top Player scholarship is awarded to players who can document and fulfill the requirements. Those who do not meet the requirements and other interested parties are of course welcome to apply in the usual way and pay the regular price. Ordinary Prize for 6 Months Academy at Mallorca Toppfotball is 69,000 NOK. The selected players who receive a scholarship pay only half of the school fee of 34,500 NOK.
The players are offered a unique development stay in Spain through 6 months, including accommodation in hotels, and the entire football education / football practice at Mallorca Top Football. They get a help-professional training and championship in Spain, with all follow-up and development that this brings. For around 5 750 NOK per month!
Ideal for players who have little play time in the Top leagues and who can travel to Mallorca to get the most development and to get matching at a high level abroad. Then there will be win-win for the player and club, and it will be almost like a lending. The second highest level in Spain is the perfect development arena for matching young players in the Top league. For both player and club this can be a nice investment in player development. Perhaps club, player and parents can find a favorable solution together.
Yes, the player misses the autumn season in Norway. In return, there are around 20 matches in Spain from October to April. Throughout the autumn and winter months with training and matches under optimal training conditions, they can come home to around 1st of May. Perhaps finished and ready for the Top league, and in good match form to the season in Norway! For more experienced players, who may have coaching ambitions in addition, we can help you get to our coach development program at the same time. If there should be something the individual would have a wish for.
Candidates wishing to come in contact please contact Sports Manager and Top Coach / Top Player Developer in Mallorca Toppfotball, Leif Tsolis:

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