Training environment

All our football academies offer professional focus on women's football and are designed for ambitious football girls who want a help-professional training and championship in Spain. The selected players will have a unique opportunity to bet full-time football in Spain and to develop in a professional training and development environment, consisting of full time coaches and players.

The professional way of living abroad provides the basis for the players to experience an optimal training and martial arts day. Absolutely without worrying about school, work, travel logic or other temptations and disturbing elements of exercise and martial arts. Our competitive edge is exclusive and unique.

We focus on detail and professionalism to create development and achieve desired results. Our unique football concept and the professional gaming development environment make every effort to make the player experience personal progress.

Our player development environment involves a lot of optimal training preparations, increased training levels and high levels of training quality. With progress in the amount of training and individual adaptation, we build players to withstand greater training levels.

Each training ends with preparing for the next one and it is emphasized that players will start the refund quickly and in the best possible way. Nutrition, cool-down / cycling and quickly into the shower. Within a short time, players will take a bigger meal. In this way, we reduce the chance of injury and illness, and any breakouts in the training day. At the same time, we maintain the highest level of training quality and provide good training.

We train 2-3 times a day, 6 days a week (matches on weekends). Emphasis is placed on the students being able to ask physically and mentally for the next training or match. Between training sessions and matches it is about getting enough rest and sleep, and a proper diet.

There are high demands on the individual player. We want to create "independent footballers". With independent footballers, we mean players who take responsibility for their own development on and off the track. We expect players to exercise to exercise and not just to be trained by a coach. With that we mean that the player comes to the training field with a clear goal, and a strong desire to become a better football player.

With us you will be good together with others, not at the expense of others. In a team game you will be good through others. We teach our players how to invest in each other to achieve their individual goals. We are very keen to create optimal group dynamics and a good training and development environment. It is important that you get along well and be good at taking care of each other.

The strong mentality and performance culture of everyday life creates a good training and development environment. Performance groups who show each other annoyingly and have a burning desire to get the best, have good prerequisites for creating results.

We often get questions about what is the difference between being on Mallorca Toppfotball vs Home? The answer is: Almost everything.

We can also say this: It is often said that 1 week of training camp abroad before the start of the season is good for the development and that you are doing extremely much at that time. Because they all the players and coaches are gathered all week. There are also some teams that have a "professional day" or two in the week in Norway, which of course is very good. We have around 260 "professional days" in a row, or 40 weeks of training camp in a row......

Mallorca Toppfotball also has players and coaches gathered 24 hours a day for 9 months and lives in the same complex. It provides unique opportunities for development and comprehensive follow-up of the individual individual both on and off the field.


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