Training camp

In 2017, Vålerenga Damer from the Norwegian top league, was at a training camp via Mallorca Toppfotball. Below you can see videos and references from Vålerenga coaches and managers:

Training camps for women's football (clubs, schools and academies):

Matches and training

  • Play against F.C. Mallorca Toppfotball Femenina, who play in Segunda Divisiòn (level 2) in Spain
  • Train at the Alcùdia stadium that offer a large and nice artificial turf
  • The 10-kilometer-long Alcudia beach, parks with soft woodland and the beautiful mountain terrain is perfect for alternative training, restitution and technical sessions.

You are quality assured good match for the best against Mallorca Toppfotball A, which is a team of Norwegian and Spanish girls. Mallorca Toppfotball B is a Spanish team consisting of young and local Spanish girls. For example, it is possible to play 2 matches against Mallorca Toppfotball, and to dispose / differentiate according to level and wishes.

The advantage of going to a training camp via Mallorca Toppfotball is that you know in advance the opponents, the level and the division in which the team is playing. The matches in training camps are often a very important part of the season preparations for a football team.

Sportingly, you will have quality assured match opponents before departure, have opportunities for more matches, and there will be flexibility and opportunities in the training context. Mallorca Toppfotball has players and coaches on a full-time while you are there, so the possibilities are many.

Mallorca Toppfotball has some equipment that you can borrow for free if desired

Hotel and apartments 

  • Top hotel standard 300 meters from the Mediterranean Sea, 1200 meters from the harbor center and less than 3000 meters from the football pitch

  • Large family apartments that are designed for cooking and a high level of well-being
    The apartments have large kitchens and living rooms, nice bathrooms, several bedrooms and balconies

  • All apartments have their own washing machines, four-plate cookers, large fridge-freezer, microwave, coffee maker, TV and some of the apartments also have a dishwasher

  • The hotel has a concierge service, great meeting facilities for meetings, individual conversations and social events

PS! The internet is not included in the price and internet code must be purchased by each person at the reception.

You are staying in the same hotel as Mallorca Toppfotball.


All of our training camps are out of food, and it is suggested that the groups can make the purchases themselves to make it the cheapest. The location is organized for that and you will be linked to the best and cheapest shops in Alcudia for food shopping.

It is in line with the way Mallorca Toppfotball is driving and it works excellent. 


  • On arrival Palma de Mallorca, you will be picked up by bus at the airport and drived to the hotel

  • The bus service takes 35-40 minutes

  • On return you will be picked up by bus at the hotel and drived to Palma airport

Mallorca Toppfotball will meet you at the airport.


  • All our training camps are without flights and it is not included in the price

It is planned that the groups can travel whenever they want, stay as long as they want and choose the itinerary themselves. This means that you can influence the prices of the airline tickets by choosing cheap dates and decide early to go to the training camp to Mallorca.

Norwegian has direct flights from Oslo to Palma De Mallorca on Tuesdays and Saturdays throughout the winter. Often nice prices if you are out early. 


Each group has included rental cars that Mallorca Toppfotball organizes. The great thing about rental cars during the training camp is that it is easy with transportation to and from training. At the same time, our training camps are put up without food, so cars are important to and from the store. At the same time you are free to use the cars for excursions etc.

It is included 1 passenger car per 9th person, so the driver runs two trips to and from the trainings. Mallorca Toppfotball does it the same way and it works very well. It is of course possible for the group to rent extra cars privately / outside.

PS! The group must register at least 1 driver over 21 years per car, and gasoline is not included as it is up to the groups how much cars are to be used. 

Extra package for extra in price

  • Mallorca Top Football TV / Media can provide reports, video interviews, pictures and good media coverage of your team's players, coaches and managers during your stay.

  • Professional team photos

  • Professional portrait images

  • Filming of matches

  • Filming from training sessions / meetings

  • Media program as desired and by appointment

  • Excursions (Subject to when the year you wish to travel)

  • Other wishes are welcomed

  • Scope / prices by agreement

You will anyhow receive personal and close follow-up from Mallorca Toppfotball's side.

Prices and offers

Think creativ!

Our proposal to fund the training camp:

A possible financial solution may be that the club pays hotel / including sports package while players pay the flight. Players also pay the food, which they would have to do at home anyway (but much cheaper in Spain).

Perhaps this solution can help you stay a few days?

Contact us for prices, details and other things you may be wondering. Payment is made by arrangement.

In 2017, Vålerenga Damer from the Norwegian top league, was at a training camp via Mallorca Toppfotball. Below you can see videos and referances from Vålerenga players, Aivi Luik and Michelle Betos:

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