Veronica at regional collection in Huelva

Veronica Garcia Da Vila is attending the regional collection in Huelva this weekend. There the region team from the Balearic Islands (Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza) will play against other Spanish regional teams.

The past week Veronica have been training with the Balearic Islands U18 team to prepare for this weekend's games. Veronica is the youngest of the 18 players on the U18-regional team. The team consists of players born in 1999 and 2000, while Veronica is only player born in 2001 model.

In Huelva the Balearic Islands plays in Group C. There they will play against Andalusia Saturday and La Rioja on Sunday. The fourth team in group C is Aragon.

Also the U16 regional team have collection for the weekend and playing against the same opponents just before the U18-games.

This is the second phase of the Spanish Championship for regional teams U16- and U18-girl classes.

There are a total of 17 regions divided into five groups. The winning team in each of the five groups advance to the finals.

The game today (Saturday) will be streamed live on Fútbol Andaluz TV HERE (Kick off at 12:30)

About Huelva:

Huelva is a province in southwestern Spain and is located in the Andalusia region, not far from the border to Portugal. Sevilla is one of the most famous cities nearby. Huelva houses about 520,000 inhabitants and has an area of 10,128 km2. The capital of the province is the city with the same name, Huelva. In the sity there is 145.000 inhabitants and the city has an area of 151 km2.

Huelva is also home to Spain's oldest football club, Recreativo de Huelva.

(Fixtures and group setup below the picture)

Friendly: Veronica under a friendly game forthe Balearic Island last week.


The groups:

Group A: Canarias, C. Valenciana, P. Asturias

Group B: Vasca, Navarra, R. Murcia, Gallega

Group C: Balear, Andaluza, La Riojana, Aragonesa

Group D: Cántabra, Catalana, Castilla y León

Group E: C. La Mancha, Madrid, Extremeña


Fixture group C:

04.02.17 - 12.30: Riojana - Aragonesa (Campo Municipal de Bonares)

04.02.17 - 12.30: Andaluza - Balear (Balear Campo Federación La Orden (Huelva))

05.02.17 - 12.30: Balear - Riojana (Campo Municipal de Bonares)

05.02.17 - 12.30: Aragonesa - Andaluza (Balear Campo Federación La Orden (Huelva))


The finals will be played later in the spring!


The Balearic U18-selection:


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