• Fun
  • Solidarity
  • Development
  • Winning

If we have fun and enjoy each other's company, then we build strong ties and good relations both on and off the field. It creates a sense of belonging and cohesion.

In environments where cohesion is strong, the athletes will be at least as concerned with making the others and the team best possible, as being good yourself. They have discovered and found out that the easiest way to become good themself, is to be good together and through others. They begrudge each other the success along the way and have realized that they are depending on each other to succeed.

Through group dynamics, mentality and performance culture in everyday life we ​​are creating a good training- and development environment. Performance Groups that every day shows ambition and have a burning desire to be the best, have good prospects for creating big successes and development.

We are firm in our belief that fun and togetherness are important elements to foster development and to win.

Mallorca Toppfotball are very keen to use their values ​​in their daily work, thus creating an optimal group dynamics and a good training and development.

In that way we have fun and create cohesion, at the same time as creating development and win.

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