Time table

Mallorca Toppfotball train 3 times per day Monday to Friday. Free Saturdays and games on Sundays. We have 15 workouts plus game every week. Between training sessions, it is about sleep, rest and proper diet to prepare the best possible into the next practice or game. Emphasis is placed on the students to be physically and mentally prepared for your next workout or game. Without players need to worry about school, work and travel logistics. Or other temptations and distractions in training and match everyday.

Each training ends with preparing for the next. In this way we reduce the chance of injury and illness, and any break in everyday training. Meanwhile, we maintain the highest possible level of training quality, providing good training preparations.

Our development environment in other words, is a lot about optimal training preparation, increased training volumes and high level of training quality. With progression in the amount of exercise and individual adaptation, we build players up to withstand greater amounts of training.

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