Our objective is to develop top players.

Our philosophy is to provide the best comprehensive follow-up and development of the individual. By that we mean that we are determined to develop all as footballers and as people, where athletic development and human development go hand in hand.

Human development

A stay with us will give the player an experience of lifetime on the road to becoming a more mature and independent individual. It is important for us to see the human behind the talent and try to guide the players in challenges that they eventually will meet in the everyday life. We believe there is a clear correlation between the developing as a human and developing as a footballer. Independence is enhanced by its financial management, cooking, laundry and tidiness. Meanwhile, we are concerned with the structure of the everyday life, where we build self-discipline and habits that support a good workout every day and school life / work day. It is a lot about well planing, but most of all to implement the plans made. We teach players how to evaluate themself as a human being and as a footballer, through accountability and through self-reflection. The goal is to continuously improve and develop as a footballer and as a person. Being abroad over such a long time is a great learning process. To be located far away from family, friends, and the safe environment present some mental and social challenges. But it gives most of all opportunities to develop through social adaptations by meet and adapt to new people, surroundings and environments. While providing many good experiences, lovely memories and friends for life.

We also focus on the integration of new countries through their culture, society and the Spanish language.

All steeped in dreams, visions and objectives to be realized. In a team you will be good through others. We teach our players how they can invest in each other to achieve their individual goals.

Sporting development

We want to give the player development and football experience on the road to becoming a professional footballer. With top coaches and ambitious players that creates a top training - and development.

Everyday life with elite sport and professional life abroad under optimal training conditions and various training opportunities gives results. We focus on international matching in the Spanish league, private games against Spanish teams, practice and tournaments.

We connect the player's sporting development towards human development, to create "independent footballers." With independent footballers, we are talking about players who take responsibility for their own development both on and off the field.

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