F.C. Mallorca Toppfotball

Mallorca Toppfotball have its own Spanish football club named F.C. Mallorca Toppfotball.
The aim of F.C. Mallorca Toppfotball is to give our players international games each week in the Spanish league, in addition to the Academy's private games against selected Spanish team. Those who hold junior age will also participate in the MIC Cup in Barcelona, and the senior players will travel on a study trip.

F.C. Mallorca Toppfotball sets with A-team Men and A-team women in the Spanish league system. A-team men consists primarily of Norwegian players. A-team of women consisting of a mixture of Norwegian and Spanish players.

To be eligible to play F.C. Mallorca Toppfotball it will be required to do an international transfer from player's club in Norway. The league starts in Spain in September, which means that the player must be prepared to deal with the Spanish league schedule. In practice this means that a transition begins in late June, to be sure to get the player ready league start in Spain.

In Europe it is common with league start in August or September. As a full-time player in Spain it is played competitive games throughout the fall, winter and spring. Instead of friendlies in freezing temperatures in Norway, you get to play matches of importance in Spain, which is considered to be the world's best football nation.

F.C. Mallorca Toppfotball is primarily reserved for players at the 9 months academies, and is not for players at the 2 months or 6 months academies.

F.C. Mallorca Toppfotball initially have a 18 years of age limit. This is due to FIFA Minor rules, which are rules made by FIFA. The rules apply to players under 18 to play football in another country than they have citizenship. The rules is there to protect those under 18 from exploitation. For players under 18, therefore it requires an individual application to FIFA, which F.C. Mallorca Toppfotball prepares in cooperation with parents/guardians. Contact us if the player is under 18 and wants to play in the Spanish league for F.C.Mallorca Toppfotball.

We wish to emphasize that Mallorca Toppfotball`s 18- year limit only applies to games in the Spanish league and competitive games. The age limit does not apply for participation in our academies private matches and MIC Cup. All from 16 years old and upwards can therefore attend Mallorca Toppfotball.

There are very many good teams and talented individualists in Spanish football. Mallorca Toppfotball offers international games through the Spanish league, private games against selected Spanish teams and participation in Elite Tournament. It will give our players valuable international experience and references on what it takes to play football in Europe.

Games in the Spanish league will create unique football experiences, and is an exclusive offer with great X factor. For Norwegian footballers this is very stimulating. You will experience fellow players, opponents and referees with another football culture than in Norway. In addition to the sporting challenges, it is also a great way to integrate us in Spanish society, language and culture.

F.C. Mallorca Toppfotball becomes a central part of our vocational practice at being a full-time player abroad. We want to prepare our players for the future. It will provide a great learning and very useful experience for those who are going into professional life in the future.

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